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Evolving design sensibility of Mumbaikars over the years

Updated On : 05 Dec 2021
Designers are paying increasing attention to aspects such as carbon footprints, monetary flows and objective views and their effect on aesthetic preferences.
Evolving design sensibility of Mumbaikars over the years

With the changing dynamics in nature, design decor of homes has become more tailor-made and personalized. The design world in the city has majorly evolved in the last few years, shifting from just local design concepts, ideologies and sensibilities to a more global approach. Over the last decade, there has been a significant shift in design sensibilities owing to factors such as the rise of social media, climate change and technological advancements.

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The design choices of Mumbaikars have undergone a sea of change over the past decades with people preferring elements like functionality, smart storage, space-saving, energy efficiency etc. In the 1980s, design choices revolved around clean and preppy styles as well as more neutral and subdued tones. Soft colours and even pastels became popular, and people loved embracing luxurious fabrics, styles and accents.

The decade of the 90s was more about function and practicality. Homeowners looked at spaces that were practical as well as enjoyable. Appliances and furniture were designed to be easy to maintain. Then came the 2000s that saw the rise of smart homes and furniture which were designed to be adaptable with modern technology. The focus was no more on matching all elements in a home, people preferred to express their individuality by opting for more mix and match designs.

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Sanjana Shah, Group Satellite
Sanjana Shah, Creative Director, Group Satellite

With the growth in social consciousness in recent years, there has been a marked increase in the demand for sustainable practices and technologies. While everyone likes to use the best of materials in their homes, people have a stronger preference towards a globalized outlook combined with modern technology and materials. Homes these days are smart and practical, and people are moving towards more feasible design solutions as well because small spaces are the norm in a city like Mumbai.

Moreover, with a wide array of social media to their disposal, people now have a vast library of visual references. This has led to a surge in ideas of what personal spaces should look like with most preferring them to be eclectic and ones that speak about their own personalities. People are opting for a space that is unique, eclectic and memorable. There is also an emerging trend which is a well-balanced mix of cultures, objects and prints that come together in a stylish ecosystem.

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Designs are now becoming more thoughtful, and there is also a lot more flexibility of style to cater to different needs and aesthetics. Many are even loving the idea of reconditioning their thoughts with the rich social and cultural data that surrounds us as Indians. There is a sense of a shift in the aesthetics of making and crafting where now clients do not simply enjoy decorative pieces of art, they instead look for more functional lifestyle products.

With the likes of global furniture brands coming to India, people also have a wider variety of choice when it comes to functional materials which has allowed artists and designers to seek a whole new ecosystem. The vibrancy in a host of elements like furnishings is now being brought out by designers to reflect the much-needed modern vibe into new-age luxury housing projects.

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More and more designers are also taking into consideration aspects such as sustainability and zero traces on the environment, which are challenges that are slowly being met. Designers are paying increasing attention to aspects such as carbon footprints, monetary flows and objective views and their effect on aesthetic preferences. There are tech interventions on smart textiles and raw materials, along with better waste management. Consumers have also become more sensitive and aware in recent times, and there is a significant trend revival of re-use and re-cycle.

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With a strong focus on bringing in sustainability with global design, there is more choice for ‘long-lasting’ instead of unnecessary consumption of throwaway products. All in all, Mumbaikars today are looking for a well-packaged design experience while showing a strong bent towards innovation and new expressions.

The article has been contributed by Sanjana Shah, Creative Director, Group Satellite. The views expressed are of authors own.