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How to make your home summer ready?

Updated On : 30 May 2021
During the summer season, it’s very important to make our rooms airy and refreshed to prevent the scorching heat. Here are some easy tips to make your abode summer-ready.
How to make your home summer ready?

The days of scorching heat, sweat, dirt and dust have finally arrived - yes, we are talking about the summer season. Even if we stay at home all the time, the heat of the summer makes us tired and exhausted. At this time of the year, we should concentrate more on our home decor to make it airy, refreshing and comfortable so that we can enjoy that summer season instead of sweating through it. Here are some tips to make your home summer-ready.


You can go muted with Scandinavian or bold with boho décor, but make sure to make your room vibrant, bright and summery. You can use bright blue, tangerine, lemon yellow, lime green on curtains, cushions, pillows and bedsheets to elevate the mood.

Make it spacious

For the summer season, you have to make your home more spacious by placing your furniture, wardrobe and shelves strategically for a more spacious, comfortable and airy feel.

Utilise open spaces

Start utilising all your open spaces at this time of the year. You can place a small sofa or a swing in any open spaces along with a small coffee table, some books and indoor plants. You can also create a small tepee in the open space to create a cosy niche for summer evenings.


Freshness is the prime focus in the summer season. So, place different indoor plants on different corners of your home. Pick plants which can tolerate harsh sunlight and need low maintenance.


Take all the heavy drapes off and use sheer and lightweight fabric curtains to let the air through and keep your rooms fresh. Keep the windows open in the evening time and closed in the morning to avoid the harsh sunlight.

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