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Is your home winter-ready?

Updated On : 18 Dec 2019
We bet your house is chilling right now, thanks to the lovely winters. Give it a warm hug – and it’ll be all set for the season!
Simple tips to help you nurture your home with all your warmth and affection

Do you believe that houses have emotions? Well, just give it a thought. They feel the wrath of the rains, withstand the pressure of the winds, get soaked in the sun – all for their dwellers! If we had to personify them, we would compare them to a parent or a well-wisher – protecting us, come what may. This winter, we suggest some ways that will help you nurture your home with all your warmth and affection. Just follow these measures to winter-proof your sweet abode.

Dark is cool, not cold
We all know that dark colours absorb heat. This principle applies to home décor too. Therefore, opt for some dark, winter-friendly fabrics. To keep the living room warm, you can have the upholstery made of leather or faux leather (for an animal-friendly option). Also try getting some dark and attractive cushions, table covers, etc. They’ll add warmth to the house and make it look uber cool! 

Time to seal it! 
The winter chill can be quite notorious! You can use an all-season moisture seal to fill up the gaps in the frames of your doors and windows. Keep the house fully insulated. Be watchful and make sure not to leave any scope for air to pass through. Invest in double-pane or triple-pane windows to maintain the temperature of your house. This is quite an energy efficient option for all seasons. 

When in doubt, layer up! 
The winter season is the best time to add layers to our clothing, and to our overall personality. So, why not give the same joy to our house? Add some layers to the tile and marble floors by laying out a beautiful rug. Add a lining to your curtains. It’ll not only bring you warmth, but will also give them a new look. Using double draperies, you will lose less warm air from the house. They’ll also help you keep the cold air out. Double joy, isn’t it! 

Be winter-ready with these simple tips – you’ll certainly enjoy cuddling up in your cozy home!