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IKS Architects designs an elegant and contemporary Police Store in Rajkot

Ar. Ishita Shah & Ar. Kushal Shah give a distinctive touch to Dhiraj Police Store in Rajkot

If you have to design a store for Policemen to shop from it gives a quirky and creative rush. At least it did to Ar. Ishita Shah & Ar. Kushal Shah of IKS Architects. When we received the request to feature the project on, a few days ago, we immediately wrote back with a confirmation. So here it goes…

IKS Architects is a young and creative architecture, interior and landscape design studio based in Rajkot, Gujarat. The studio is a multidisciplinary practice with a diverse portfolio of project reflecting signs of creativity, innovation and experimentation in each of our projects.

So when they were asked to design, Dhiraj Police Store in Rajkot, the brief was simple make it contemporary and elegant. The requirement of the enthusiastic clients was to have a distinctive store in the entire region, with chic, elegant yet user friendly approach, a theme that stays true to their profession as well as is idiosyncratic in it.

The store is located in an urban dense fabric on the ground floor of a commercial building near the old city in Rajkot. This government licensed store is one of its kinds, catering to requirements of the Indian police.

The concept is to craft an epitome of uniqueness in interiors based on contemporary, elegant look with rustic finish of the materials. The store is uniquely designed to serve the dignitary officials, local policemen and other similar professionals.

The interior of the store is designed to enhance the visibility and individuality of each product. The sophisticated store concept serves the needs of each of the potential dignitary’s customer to the maximum by providing a unique shopping experience for their dignitary’s items.

The basic layout is linear and unhindered in its path yet experiential by its background, ceiling or colours. The main approach is to accommodate client’s storage requirements and also to display as many accessories as possible without making it chaotic or unnoticed. Hence each product has been justified with unique background or design element.

The challenge, however, was to incorporate the store and display equally importance, hence each display has over and below storage space with blue glass sliding shutters through its unique display. The catchy front box at entrance acts a window to the store and also from inside it’s wholly used for storage.

The requirement of a dining space was requested in the end. To incorporate this requirement without compromising on the existing design, foldable dining space was designed. The entire concept of the store is to ensure adequate importance is given to each product / accessory of their profession, hence were answered through different elegant backgrounds designs. Material used on the table top was extremely experimental as its needs to be scratchproof to avoid gun’s wear and tear. Ease of access to each product was addressed with flexible customized hardware.

So what they did was, accommodate large storage in a small area, brief included a large display too; an almost equal ratio of store and display. The limited space in the store is primarily bifurcated based on the popularity of the product and also maintaining storage vs. display space equally. Materials were chosen such that it does not overpower the products and caters limited space. The rawness of metal and wood are highly celebrated throughout to give chic look to the store. Metal is being used highly in ceiling and display to give sleekness to the products. The ceiling is flushed with metal truss as it serves the main selling spaces of the store, the green leaves around it complementing the whole space. All the racks have wooden shelves with a detailing work. Without compromising the look of the store and yet to have cost efficiency and metal corrugated sheets are used behind the display racks. This background is chosen to avoid the cost of paints, yet merge with rustic look of the décor.

Color themes: colour theme was largely chosen based on their profession and which portrays the theme of rustic hence green and brown tints and shades where played. Individuality to the products were portrayed through distinct colours at their background.

Graphics: Map on the back wall of reception and front signage board, defines the service that this profession caters to as a single India so diversified. Also a special honour is mentioned graphically saluting them for their service.

Lighting, flooring: the products were celebrated with different play of lights focusing their character enhancing overall ambience of the store. Each rack was back lighted to project the clean and straight lines of the fabrics.


Heritage art pieces like wooden carved frame, legs of used sewing machine or the “Atechi” of old houses adds an oomph factor to rustic store. The raw wooden logs are used as stool to sit and adds striking effect to continuous PVC rustic floor. The metal angle acts as window to the back display as well as acts a display in itself. The circular pipes of metal are used to display shoes which are reused.

The gun and its accessories display / hardware are specially designed according to its weight and lengths. The display section is arranged such that it is easy display and demonstrates the product. The sword, an important element in their service was designed with a special mention on the wall. The handy wooden/plastic sticks are staked in wooden box at the entrance with acrylic jalli highlighting it.

The cap section is also highlighted with a jalli in background inspired from Architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s geometrical designs. This adds as an emphasized factor for the importance of cap in their profession.

At the entrance of the store the hanging police silhouette carved in MDF is a cynosure and defines the person of use in the store.

This profession demands the decent interiors and hence the layout was also simple and functional with material complimenting the products.


Project Name: Dhiraj Police Store


Project Architect: Ar. Ishita Shah & Ar. Kushal Shah

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Photography: Dhrupad Shukla

Text inputs by: IKS ARCHITECTS