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How to decorate your house to boost happiness

The weather outside might be gloomy, but being in a beautiful house can instantly lift your spirits. Here are some tried-and-tested home décor tips to boost happiness

Ever found yourself feeling fidgety in a cramped and cluttered space? Do well decorated rooms give you a sense of peace? It is a known fact that our surroundings affect our moods. That’s why it is important to decorate your house in a way that makes you feel happy. Read on for our home décor tips for every kind of house, budget and taste.

Clear out the clutter
A clean house is the easiest (and cheapest) way to instantly boost your mood. We get it, there is always something that needs to be dealt with. The stack of old newspapers on the coffee table? A mountain of clothes that threatens to fall out every time you open your cupboard? But what you call your ‘to-do’ list could actually be clutter. So set a timer for 15 minutes and choose one space in the house to clear out. Do this every day for a week or so and you’ll soon have a spotless house that soothes your senses.

Bring nature to your home
Studies show that being surrounded with greenery can help reduce stress levels. Introduce as many natural elements to your home as possible. Make the most of corners with potted plants. Perennial flowering plants, areca palms or even ferns can add an element of freshness and zing. Don’t exactly have a green thumb? Hardy succulents are your best bet. If indoor plants don’t do it for you, keep vases of fresh flowers in different rooms. They might be short lived, but are a great option. Another natural element that also adds a personal touch is bowls filled with pebbles, shells or knickknacks you might have collected while travelling.

Light up your world
An open space with large windows that allow ample natural light and ventilation can do wonders to your mood. This is a win-win situation according to us. Not only does sunlight make a room look cheerful and bright, it even helps reduce your electricity bill! If you live in a small flat, try adding windows with large panes and opt for an open plan. With less walls and barriers, the space will look bigger.

Colour pops
Changing the colour scheme of your house is an easy way to give it a makeover. Opt for a muted, neutral shade overall and use that as a background for bright pops of colour. Emerald throw pillows, a yellow lamp shade or a maroon rug might seem like bold colour choices, but will help brighten the space (and your mood).

Show off those photos
We often store photos that are important to us in our mobile phones or on the computer. Why not add a personal touch to your home and show them off? Not only will they remind you of the good times, but also provide a slice of your life to visitors. Get some quirky frames for your favourite photos or showcase them on a brightly coloured photo wall. It’s guaranteed to make you smile more.